A downloadable game for Windows

To The Stars is a third person 3D adventure game where you play as a fallen star and journey up a sky castle... back to the heavens where you belong.

Music: "Canada Line" donated by Khotin



Regina V. Esteva - Production, Level Art, Lighting & Game Design

Sai Nikhita Reddy - Tech & Rigging

Miriam Karina Melgoza - 2D Art, UI & Game Design

Jenny (Beichen) Guo - Character Art, 2D Art & Concept Art

Caro Bernárdez - Narrative, Game Design & PR

Pooja Balamurali - Environment Art

Victoria Celis - Prop Art

Andrea Hernández Torres - Animation

Install instructions

Download the ZIP build, unzip and then run the Stars.exe on a PC. The instructions on how to play are there once you start. If you can't run it, you probably don't have Runtime installed: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

Known bugs and issues:

- Fixes have been made. We don't know of any new bugs or issues so far, if you find one, feel free to contact us.


To The Stars - Executable


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I love the visual art, smooth; the stars reminds me of Mario Galaxy, the story was interesting, cute!

About the level it was nice to explore but I'll have liked to see more, maybe a puzzle, any plataforms to jump, enemies to avoid. But besides that it was a nice experience <3 <3

Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, we would've loved to put in enemies and puzzles! We just didn't because of the time constraints of it being made in a week. BUT, we're making a new game now with more time. One with a cool story, enemies, puzzles and many more awesome things! We're hoping to make something bigger and better! :D

OMG! A week that's impressive, amazing!

I'll be waiting for the next game!! <3

A beautiful game! I liked the story, the whole art is beautiful, and the level is fun to explore. Good job!


Thank you! Very glad you enjoyed it.

Felicidades por esta WGJ2020

¡Muchas gracias!